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Forth coming concerts

2nd July 2017 – Lille, cultural concert

1st September 2017 – Ice Skating Rink, Kolkata, India – solo performance lunchtime concert

3rd September 2017 – ICCR, Kolkata, India – Solo performance for Pundit Subroto Roychowdhury memorial concert.

15th March 2018 – Slovakia – Sitar Concerto.



Chandigarh Live: “..In fact, be it in individual piece or in his father John Mayer or in consonance with other artists, Mayer played Sitar with deft dexterity.”

The Times UK : “…and some exhilarating solos from Jonathan on Sitar…..”

Timeout UK: “…..Jonathan weaves a gorgeous modal jazz solo on the Sitar in 7/4

Classic CD UK: “…. The Players are all astonishingly virtuosic from Mayer’s son, Jonathan, on the Sitar….”