Concerts & Press

Forth coming concerts

28th September 2018 – Solo performance, House of St Barnabas, Soho, London

4th October 2018 – John Mayer Exhibition Launch, Watermans Arts Centre, London

20th October 2018 -World Premiere of Dhammapada, Watermans Arts Centre, London

5th November 2018 – Solo performance, St Thomas’ Hospital, London

10th November – Solo performance with Yousuf Ali Khan on Tabla, East London


Desh Magazine, India 17th October 2017 – “In the very Aaochar of Kafi, Jonathan was able to spread the mood of this Raga. His Gat in Tintaal had amazing spontaneity and beautiful rhythmic manner…”

The Telegraph, India – “Jonathan successfully captured the playful approach to Raga Kafi from the beginning of his performance. He went on in a smooth and rhythmic manner with some sparks that proved the depth of his knowledge of the raga.”

Chandigarh Live: “..In fact, be it in individual piece or in his father John Mayer or in consonance with other artists, Mayer played Sitar with deft dexterity.”

The Times UK : “…and some exhilarating solos from Jonathan on Sitar…..”

Timeout UK: “…..Jonathan weaves a gorgeous modal jazz solo on the Sitar in 7/4

Classic CD UK: “…. The Players are all astonishingly virtuosic from Mayer’s son, Jonathan, on the Sitar….”